Cash Cash Pinoy Faces Travel Scam / Scandal


Local group buying site Cash Cash Pinoy was recently faced with an aggressive post by the blog about a supposed Travel offer.

To summarize, the offer was a 3D/2N trip to Tokyo for around PHP 21,000. But when the “hidden charges” came up, it amounted to more than offer.

In that same post, the Cash Cash Pinoy CEO released a statement saying that their offers are not scams and wrote; “we do not hide what isn’t included in small print, but all details are explicitly listed and easily found on the site. We even use a contrast-rich button to call out further details.” He also verified that all their promos are approved by the DTI.

Apparently, it IS this SMALL PRINT that’s the culprit in these group buying sites.

Me and some of my other friends have had bad experiences with group buying sites before. Personally, I stopped using the service.

My unsolicited advise to CashCashPinoy and other group buying sites: have a way to inform your buyers of the “other charges” before they hit that BUY button. It can either be an email to confirm, a pop-up box, or whatever. If you really are transparent, make it even more obvious.

Now that’s the real problem with group buying sites.

Caveat Emptor!