Vhong Navarro CCTV Posts a Hoax: DO NOT CLICK


After the incident involving Vhong Navarro recently getting beaten up to an inch of his life, you may see a lot of posts on Facebook, Twitter or other social media about a supposed “CCTV Footage” of the incident. Well, for heaven’s sake, please DO NOT CLICK or SHARE!

I already made an announcement to my friends in my own social network when I became suspicious after seeing so many similar posts online.

In fact, ABS-CBN already made an announcement that the post is a hoax and more likely being used by shady individuals or groups to get your password or account details. So, if you have to have accidentally clicked it, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS IMMEDIATELY.

Do your friends a favor and tell them to do the same if you see them sharing these posts on your feed.

Stay safe! Don’t forget to share this and warn all your friends.